Planter Fasciitis and Essential Oils – Do They Really Work?

I’m going to be completely honest and say I have always been skeptical of essential oils. I’ve heard all sorts of miraculous stories of sniffing some kind of oil healing people of anything from runny noses to cancer.

But, now I know that there really is something to them. When used properly, with the purest oils you can get your hands on, they really can help your body heal itself.

Our Story (Planter Fasciitis)

My husband had been having foot pain for months and we never could figure out what it was. That was until I spoke to a friend who was having the exact same symptoms and she had been officially diagnosed with planter fasciitis.

We finally had our answer… but after researching we realized that not much could be done to completely take the pain away. Everything suggested was to minimize the pain or get rid of it temporarily.

I was discouraged and my husband, understandably, was more so discouraged. We pretty much felt like he would have this pain for the rest of his life…

That is until, I met a wonderful lady who was a nurse for many years and had decided to persue a career in natural medicine. We told her about Jason’s (my husband) foot pain and she was quick to respond with these 3 essential oils: Panaway, Raven & Copiava.

So, that’s where our oily adventure began. (There’s so much more to this story that I will have to share at a later time. Jason was having other health concerns that we are now beginning to really see some benefits of using oils for.)

I ordered a starter kit from Young Living which had 2 of the oils she had suggested: Panaway & Raven.

I decided to try the two by adding many drops of each into a roller bottle of olive oil and began rubbing the mixture onto his foot every evening before bed. It was such a simple thing to try and it had a huge result.

After almost a year of daily foot pain, within 2 weeks of using essential oils, he was completely pain free! That has been over a month ago and he is still doing great! I no longer feel the need to rub oil on his feet, although I still do every once in a while just because I know there are many other health benefits to these oils.

Now essential oils are a part of my daily life. I am just so excited to share my husbands testimony along with everything else I have been learning.

My pregnancy also brings me to rely on oils a lot for aches and pains. And I hope to be sharing that information very soon!

If you or someone you know struggles with Planter Fasciitis, please share this story with them. It just might change their life!


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