Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner (with only 2 ingredients)

The homemaker scanned her living room and shook her head. Dust seemed to adorn every crevice.

She entered the kitchen with a judgemental eye and tsked. Splattered pancake batter now caked to the counter, the oven was a crusty mess and the once white sink was now all stained.

Next, came the powder room, she winced at the unsightly sink and counter, the build up of soap scum on her tub and the ringed toilet bowl… Oh how horrid her house was.

No matter, she thought, I will just need to clean everything.

The mere thought of a clean house excited her. There’s just something about a tidy home that filled her heart with warmth.

That’s when she realized she was completely out of cleaning supplies. She had used the last of her All-Purpose cleaner a week ago and forgot to pick up more on her last round to the store.

With the kitchen counters covered in sticky unknown substances and the oven crusted over with goo, there was just no way a water soaked rag would get the job done.

She slumped on the couch and pondered a trip to the store. She glanced out the window at her children who were playing merrily in their sand box outside. They would most definitely need a good cleaning, a new change of clothes and their hair all fixed.

Standing to retreive their clean clothes from their bedrooms, she noticed the pile of lemons on the counter she had purchased earlier in the week, for a dessert she was planning to make.

That’s when she remembered the lemon cleaner she had started. The mixture now sat in the dark pantry.

Could it now be ready? she pondered, as she changed her direction to the pantry door.

The large glass of lemon peels and vinegar sat at the far end of the narrow room. She headed straight for it and read the date on the label.

She smiled. She wouldn’t have to head to the store afterall. She had her homemade cleaner to try out. And so she began her work.

By the end of her cleaning spree the house smelled of citrus and felt so much more clean.

Scanning the rooms with much pleasure, the thought occurred to her, she should make this cleaner to have on hand all the time. What’s the point of buying from the store when she can make her own that’s so much more healthy for her family. Not to mention budget friendly.

Yes, that is what I will do. She smiled as she began to prepare her lemon dessert, making sure to start a new collection of lemon peels in a new jar.

When life gives you lemons, clean something.” -Hollie Yang


– Lemon peels (or any citrus peels)

– Vinegar

1. Fill a large Mason jar atleast half full of lemon peels. (this could take a week or two)

2. Poor in vinegar til it just covers the peels.

3. Cover with the lid and set the mixture aside for 2+ weeks.

4. Strain out the peels and poor the liquid into a recycled clean spray bottle and use as any other All-Purpose Cleaner.

I hope you enjoyed today’s read and get the opportunity to try out this awesome cleaner!

Much love,

Hollie Yang


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